Why choose us?

You can think of Crossbased as an entry point towards building/improving your existing or upcoming project. We focus on long-term collaboration, where you get the technical expertise and can focus on delivering tangible results. In short, you get these benefits:

  1. Development assistance: We've worked with these projects on MultiversX, such as Calileo, BronxApeClub, uPark, Comverse, JewelSwap, etc. We've delivered SmartContracts, dApps, or custom applications. You can find our portfolio & case studies at https://www.combased.io/. We can offer either custom contracts based on the scope of your project or an advisory role.

  2. Fast & Secure NFTs collection launchpad: You are a full owner of your NFTs. Crossbased is 100% based on SmartContracts; thus, after completing the launch of your collection, all revenue is sent directly to your specified address. The same goes for royalties.

  3. Awareness campaign for your launch: If you're coming from another blockchain, this is especially important for you. We at Combased have two collections (Combeys & Combots), leading MultiversX volume. Also, our partners at uPark have reached a total volume of 2.18K EGLD. Once we've established our partnership, we'll dedicate our social presence to highlighting the core aspects of your project to help you build your own community.

At Crossbased, we're committed to making the NFTs market accessible to everyone – from experienced creators to first-time users.

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